Deciding on the purpose of this newsletter

Creating this blog/newsletter, and what’s to come. I have some musings on the origins of this place, on its format, and on what I'd like to share with you.


Listen, I didn't mean to just come here and create a newsletter. It wasn’t a one-second decision, for once. I wanted to write, and this website existed, and it solved some of my issues, and I just rolled with it. We'll see how it goes and whether I like it or not.


I created this because, first of all, I strongly dislike Medium. Second of all, I really wanted to have a platform as easy to use, for writing and for discovery, as Medium is.

I want to write. And I want someone to read me. I mean, I'd appreciate it if someone would read me. I used to have a blog, but blogs are a hassle. And if you don't have anything to say, your analytics suffer. In email newsletters, if you don't have anything to say, people are grateful. It's not the most encouraging thought out there, but hey! at least, it relieves the anxiety of not having written anything in the past two weeks.

I'll try to post often, though, still.

I’m thinking of dividing the newsletters into three categories. Part 1 would be my musings on the topics that are on my mind. For example, I could write about creating a newsletter and how I’d structure the newsletter… Part 2 would be recommendations. A website, an app, a book, I don’t know yet if I’ll stick to specific types of recommendations (probably not, you know me.). And part 3 would be comments on a blog post by someone else, maybe, or a call to action for my readers? Hmmm, there’s still a lot to be defined! But here, that’s enough for part 1.

You should check out…, one of my fave websites as an avid reader.

The Artisan Geek, my new favourite booktuber. Watch her video on intentional reading and how to diversify your reading!

Let’s talk about…

The fact that I just came back from a one-month holiday during which I tried to consume less content and let my brain chill a little, after months of frying it by reading and watching insane amounts of videos. I wanted to ingest a lot of information, and I did. But now, I’m back from my holidays and I’ve decided to go to the next level: I have to “consume less and create more”, as Shu Omi puts it. So here’s my first attempt: this newsletter. I’ll probably also try and create lots of mini-videos for students on Réussir Mes Études.

That is, if I don’t procrastinate for another 6 years, because I said the same thing in 2014.

We’ll see.

I’m tired of controlling my narrative. I have a story, and now I want to see where my story takes me, not the other way round.

We’ll see.