In which I mention my plans for October and promise to not spam you.

Hi all, I hope you’re doing well!

In October, I’ve decided to take up a challenge. See, I was on the verge of burning out in September, so I couldn’t find anything more reasonable than starting a productivity challenge as soon as the workload would (maybe) go down a little! Yay, genius me!

Anyway, I’m here, so might as well do the thing correctly.

Every day in October, I will be sharing one piece of content somewhere on the Internet. I wanted to use Substack as a blog, but couldn’t find a way to disable the automatic notification email and I didn’t want people to get a dozen emails in a month from my blog, so day 1 was mostly dedicated to setting up a lightweight blog.

I’ve settled on a weekly-ish email newsletter here, which will include links to what I’ve published during that week. Here’s an example:

You can also read…

What do you think of this? Does it seem like the right way to go? If you have any advice, either on how to publish once a day or on how to improve this brand-new little blog (I’m not a developer and I have no idea what I’m doing there, please be very patient), or on how to improve the Substack newsletter, please do so!

See you next week for a real newsletter + links to everything I’ve published in between! (And if you want to know sooner, I have a Twitter thread too!)

Have a great end of week,